The Junction: Chicago 1870

Episode 1: First Moot

Mike, Matt, Rob, Ryan - 1XP/ea

Papa finds the newbies in town, Kesh and Alex and welcomes them into town. Papa mentions that he’s waiting for someone that is late. He gets them into touch with contacts and gives them a bit of history of How Chicago Is Now. Word/calling cards are sent out for certain guests to meet at the farmhouse and then to carry on to the Junction for the monthly sept moot. The moot was a bit late due to the delay of Papa’s grand daughter. At the farmhouse, the Heroes find that it belongs to the Get. There’s a farmhouse, gardens and an earth berm longhouse/root cellar type contruct. It’s dusk and the Get are already drinking and waiting for everyone to arrive. The Heroes, James, Orlagh, Red and the Sons of Skol all run out together in Lupus, yipping, play growling and the like. They run southwest for several miles until they come to a clearing with a fire, everyone else is there along with the usual distant glowing eyes of the rarely seen Wendigo and a new pretty face. Moot starts and Bron apologizes that they were hoping to have a easy going moot of introducing a handful of new garou, but with the much awaited arrival of Papa’s grand daughter, Swampcandy, came another issue at hand. With Swampcandy she brought a young boy about 14-16 yrs old, lean and black as the night with eyes and teeth that reflected the pale yellow moon. Swampcandy shared with the sept that she had spirited away another warrior of Gaia who needed harboring from the bounty hunters that had been on their tail the last 3 months. Joseph had murdered a Southern Lord. In his attempt to break free of the Lord’s grip, he shifted into a giant cat and killed the Lord. Now there is a large bounty on Joseph’s head, $15,000 Dead or Alive. Swampcandy’s family has a long lineage of helping the destitute and oppressed and when went sniffing around found stories of the event “suspicious.” Once she found him, convinced him to go with him and once he did, shortly after leaving Alabama, they got 4 bounty hunters that were not human on their tail. Swampcandy isn’t sure if they were following her or Joseph but the one contact she thought he would be safe with, wasn’t where they should be at this time of year. Joseph is left under Maggie and Swampcandy’s watch while Alex, Declan and Kesh try to head off the bounty hunters. Swampcandy gives a detailed description of her route and the boys are off. Buzzard Gulch is their best bet to meet them.



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