The Junction: Chicago 1870

Episode 2: Buzzard Gulch

Mike, Matt, Ryan-2 XP/ea

The boys take off the next morning after waking up from the previous night’s revel with the Get. They get to the nearest station, and Kesh persuades the ticket taker that they need to board the train and get off at Axeman’s Bridge Station. It’s about a 6 hour train ride and once at their destination, an additional 3 miles north to Buzzard Gulch. Buzzard Gulch is a ghost town. There are 6 buildings, 2 of which have collapsed roofs. Not sure when the town died but latest date on a couple of tombstones is 1825-1826. Gauntlet is 5. No scent of the Wyrm or Weaver. Upon further investigation, there are 4 ghosts wandering the town going about their business as they would have in life. Alex tries to communicate with one but it does not respond.
Alex takes a post in the graveyard tree and now they wait. The following night, a weird little creature appears on the umbral side. It looks like a hairless sloth with long limbs tipped in fused claws about a foot and a half long that it walks on and an upturned pig/bat snout that is sniffing the air. The 4 ghost see this thing and immediately scatter and hide. Alex sees it too, takes aim with his rifle, Hecate and blows thing into a mist—with some bits here and there.
Not long after, the 3 see 4 figures walking towards the town. They are just silhouettes up against the starry night sky. The sent of Wyrm is on the wind. Alex comes down from his perch to brace himself for a shot against one of these figures. BLAM!! Direct hit to the left shoulder that completely knocks the man off his feet, flipping him feet over head to land on in a heap of Wyrm flesh on the ground. Kesh and Declan split up, cross over and flank the 3 remaining men and attack. Be that the men didn’t expect to be faced with 3 werewolves, 2 were made quick prey at the hands of Kesh and Declan’s claws and Alex’s rifle and the last man disappears completely from sight. Attempting to make contact, Declan blindly swings at the man’s last known location. They spend a few rounds trying to find this last man. Then suddenly they here a boot heel kick a stump and before they have time to act, see a massive black creature leap towards the sound and a gruesome gurgle, breaking bone and ripping muscle to follow. Alex prepares to take a shot when suddenly a kid pops up from the tall grass and yells, “Don’t shoot!” Standing there is Joseph with the 4th man’s head in hand—ripped off from his body.
The boys are sure that Maggie and Swampcandy are going to give Joseph a beating when the realize he’s run off and instead of heading back, decide to wait for them.



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