The Junction: Chicago 1870

Episode 3: Mine Spiders

Mike, Matt, Rob, Ryan - 2XP/ea

The girls finally meet up to the boys waiting for them in Buzzard Gulch and annoyed to the highest degree. After finding out that he ran off was because he wad tired of running, the decided to drop it and go back to Chicago. After delivering Joseph to Eliza, running errands and getting Swampcandy set up with a room, they decided to meet for breakfast and meet with Bron to report on the 4 bounty hunters.
Bron, secretly pleased by a job well done entrusts them to run an errand for him. Bron has a shipment that is 3 days late and Bron wants them to find out what happened to it. Kesh questions if this was personal or sept/caern business. Bron keeps his cool and replies, “Both. The train is carrying a shipment of silver.”
Train last communicated just as they crossed the Wisconsin/Illinois boarder.
The 5 heroes decide to check with the trainmaster at the railroad yard above Government Pier. They find the trainmaster and ask about the missing train. When he goes back in his ledger, he finds that indeed, the Red Mountain Train is late, and now that he’s looking, there is another train that is missing that was to arrive, 2 days after Bron’s train. They ask if there is a training going back that way but there isn’t the next train isn’t due to arrive for another 2 weeks. BUT, there is a train that is leaving in the next 20 minutes that will get them close to where they need—40 miles away.
The trainmaster is running short handed on roadmasters to go investigate if it was faulty rail, livestock to hold it up or other…
The 5 take the trainmaster’s offer to send them up on that next train. They head out and between the ride and the run to find the train, it takes them 2 days until they come across a town with a stopped train at the platform. Kesh is getting whiffs of Wyrm coming from the town. Moving closer, they spot a body face down in the grass like he was running away from town. It’s not long until nightfall so they wait and once the moon rises over the horizon, they move in.
Upon further investigation, the body was armed and ripped to shreds. Getting closer, they start to see mangled bodies everywhere, hanging out of windows of the train, out in the street—everywhere. Everywhere there is not grass or weeds, they find unusual divots in the dirt. And then they spot one, a large black crab like creatures the size of a coffee table ripping flesh off a body with weird hands tipped with sharp claws that make ripping flesh from bone like tearing paper. And the mine spider sees them too. Maggie moves first and strikes true, ripping 2 of the front right legs off which spilled black crud oozing out onto her claws and hand. The thing makes an unnerving hiss when it gets hit. Swampcandy moves after and in no time the mine spider is dead. The noise of the ruckus alerts 3 more—2 the same size as this one and one much larger. Declan leaps from a roof and lands on the next one nearest to them and the weight of a werewolf in Crinos keeps the other mine spider from getting up. It tries but to no avail. Seeing that juming on them worked with one, Kesh leaps down onto the big one but the big one is fased very little and drops one side of its body down forcing Kesh to stumble off its back. Alex repositions himself from the water tower to the roof of the saloon thus gaining vantage on the big mine spider. Now that Kesh is on the ground, the mine spider attacks, stabbing Kesh in the thigh with one of its very spiked legs. Alex takes a shot and it enters in the front right carapace and blowing a considerable hole in the back left part of the body. At some point, a couple of dozen spiderlings try to overrun the 5 heroes but once they finish off the 3 larger ones, taking down the smaller ones goes quick. No sport for werewolves but could see how these could’ve swarmed the town.
The five search for survivors and they find 3, a girl no older than 12 and 2 boys about 8 and 6. They are all dehydrated and hungry—other than that, they are physically ok. Emotionally, the 2 boys are not as bad off. The girl, on the other hand, has experienced major trauma. SHE was the one that has seen everything. SHE was the one that would go out in the day to look for food or water.
Looks like our heroes have news to report….



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