The Junction: Chicago 1870

Episode 6: Swampcandy's Night Job

Mike, Rob, Ryan

Cop duties call for Declan and is pulled away to fulfill his regular job duties or lose his job on the police forced and be removed from payroll.

Meanwhile, Qash, has a client. A desperate elderly Chinese couple is in need of his help. They were given some sort of notice that they cannot read and frantically worried what it might be about. After Qash reviewed the paperwork, found out it was just a rent renewal and the terms were pretty easy to understand—if you could read English. They were most grateful for Qash working and acting as a translator between them and their landlord and were able to keep the doors of “House of Shan” open. They were so excited to have that sorted out, not only to keep themselves in business but also provide a job for their grandson Jin who had just arrived in town a couple of weeks ago from China. They have been excited beyond words to have him there and have their lease sorted out. Qash will forever have a free meal with the Shans.

Alex has been hard at work on some new “technology”. He petitioned a small spirit of calm he found near the Junction to enter into a vessel, acting as a “calm grenade” talen. Alex also spent the down time training his new apprentice, Yuri, Bron’s cousin’s son, how to work the still.

Maggie, went home to check in with her mom. Upon walking into the house that morning, found her mom agitated and a bit angry. It took no persuasion for Maggie’s mom to open up and tell her why she was agitated. Last night one of the Johns gave Josie a black eye. They got a name and Josie was able to give a decent description. Samuel Blackwick is his name and he has a large brimmed hat and long dark hair.



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