Penny Blackhorse

Resting Bitch Face


Deedname: Stormcloud
Age: 27, F


Just being around her, you can tell she’s angry about everything. She has a huge chip on her shoulder but you’re too afraid to ask about it as she is seething with Rage. Vengeance is her driving goal and one day, blood will be her reward.
She and her pack arrived at the Junction just a couple of days after the Get of Fenris pack. She was drawn by the word that the Junction’s sept Alpha and Beta had abandoned the caern and thought she would attempt to seizing it. She arrived in time to see the challenge between Tore and Bron and decided otherwise and not bid for power. Her pack collectively decided to remain and see how things played out…
She is cousin to Billy Blackhorse and older half-sister to Dancing Ferret.

Penny Blackhorse

The Junction: Chicago 1870 Tanamonster