Red Right Hand

The Cleaner


Deedname: Red Right Hand, ‘Red’ for short
Age: 25, M


Son of Eliza Day. He’s large, deaf and blind on the right side. He’s also a mute but no one knows if that is by choice or being a Metis. Only his mother would know. He has a Port-Wine birthmark from his right hand up his arm, shoulder, neck and face. In his Homid and Glabro form he has shaggy brown hair that covers up his deformed right ear and an eyepatch that covers up his grotesque right eye. In any other form he does not bother with the eyepatch and his visage is almost horrific, and throw in his huge size, he can be down right terrifying. In addition, he has no fur on his Port-Wine birthmark.

Red Right Hand

The Junction: Chicago 1870 Tanamonster