The Junction: Chicago 1870

Episode 6: Swampcandy's Night Job

Mike, Rob, Ryan

Cop duties call for Declan and is pulled away to fulfill his regular job duties or lose his job on the police forced and be removed from payroll.

Meanwhile, Qash, has a client. A desperate elderly Chinese couple is in need of his help. They were given some sort of notice that they cannot read and frantically worried what it might be about. After Qash reviewed the paperwork, found out it was just a rent renewal and the terms were pretty easy to understand—if you could read English. They were most grateful for Qash working and acting as a translator between them and their landlord and were able to keep the doors of “House of Shan” open. They were so excited to have that sorted out, not only to keep themselves in business but also provide a job for their grandson Jin who had just arrived in town a couple of weeks ago from China. They have been excited beyond words to have him there and have their lease sorted out. Qash will forever have a free meal with the Shans.

Alex has been hard at work on some new “technology”. He petitioned a small spirit of calm he found near the Junction to enter into a vessel, acting as a “calm grenade” talen. Alex also spent the down time training his new apprentice, Yuri, Bron’s cousin’s son, how to work the still.

Maggie, went home to check in with her mom. Upon walking into the house that morning, found her mom agitated and a bit angry. It took no persuasion for Maggie’s mom to open up and tell her why she was agitated. Last night one of the Johns gave Josie a black eye. They got a name and Josie was able to give a decent description. Samuel Blackwick is his name and he has a large brimmed hat and long dark hair.

Episode 5: The Pack
Mike, Rob, Ryan 2XP, Matt 3XP

Pack Totem: Yawaum’di, a larger than normal Jaguarundi. Arrogant and curious, he agreed to be the pack totem for this most unusual bunch of cubs. In this envoy’s entourage, are 2 lynxes, and a bobcat.

Episode 4: Kingston
Mike, Matt, Rob, Ryan - 3XP/ea
Episode 3: Mine Spiders
Mike, Matt, Rob, Ryan - 2XP/ea

The girls finally meet up to the boys waiting for them in Buzzard Gulch and annoyed to the highest degree. After finding out that he ran off was because he wad tired of running, the decided to drop it and go back to Chicago. After delivering Joseph to Eliza, running errands and getting Swampcandy set up with a room, they decided to meet for breakfast and meet with Bron to report on the 4 bounty hunters.
Bron, secretly pleased by a job well done entrusts them to run an errand for him. Bron has a shipment that is 3 days late and Bron wants them to find out what happened to it. Kesh questions if this was personal or sept/caern business. Bron keeps his cool and replies, “Both. The train is carrying a shipment of silver.”
Train last communicated just as they crossed the Wisconsin/Illinois boarder.
The 5 heroes decide to check with the trainmaster at the railroad yard above Government Pier. They find the trainmaster and ask about the missing train. When he goes back in his ledger, he finds that indeed, the Red Mountain Train is late, and now that he’s looking, there is another train that is missing that was to arrive, 2 days after Bron’s train. They ask if there is a training going back that way but there isn’t the next train isn’t due to arrive for another 2 weeks. BUT, there is a train that is leaving in the next 20 minutes that will get them close to where they need—40 miles away.
The trainmaster is running short handed on roadmasters to go investigate if it was faulty rail, livestock to hold it up or other…
The 5 take the trainmaster’s offer to send them up on that next train. They head out and between the ride and the run to find the train, it takes them 2 days until they come across a town with a stopped train at the platform. Kesh is getting whiffs of Wyrm coming from the town. Moving closer, they spot a body face down in the grass like he was running away from town. It’s not long until nightfall so they wait and once the moon rises over the horizon, they move in.
Upon further investigation, the body was armed and ripped to shreds. Getting closer, they start to see mangled bodies everywhere, hanging out of windows of the train, out in the street—everywhere. Everywhere there is not grass or weeds, they find unusual divots in the dirt. And then they spot one, a large black crab like creatures the size of a coffee table ripping flesh off a body with weird hands tipped with sharp claws that make ripping flesh from bone like tearing paper. And the mine spider sees them too. Maggie moves first and strikes true, ripping 2 of the front right legs off which spilled black crud oozing out onto her claws and hand. The thing makes an unnerving hiss when it gets hit. Swampcandy moves after and in no time the mine spider is dead. The noise of the ruckus alerts 3 more—2 the same size as this one and one much larger. Declan leaps from a roof and lands on the next one nearest to them and the weight of a werewolf in Crinos keeps the other mine spider from getting up. It tries but to no avail. Seeing that juming on them worked with one, Kesh leaps down onto the big one but the big one is fased very little and drops one side of its body down forcing Kesh to stumble off its back. Alex repositions himself from the water tower to the roof of the saloon thus gaining vantage on the big mine spider. Now that Kesh is on the ground, the mine spider attacks, stabbing Kesh in the thigh with one of its very spiked legs. Alex takes a shot and it enters in the front right carapace and blowing a considerable hole in the back left part of the body. At some point, a couple of dozen spiderlings try to overrun the 5 heroes but once they finish off the 3 larger ones, taking down the smaller ones goes quick. No sport for werewolves but could see how these could’ve swarmed the town.
The five search for survivors and they find 3, a girl no older than 12 and 2 boys about 8 and 6. They are all dehydrated and hungry—other than that, they are physically ok. Emotionally, the 2 boys are not as bad off. The girl, on the other hand, has experienced major trauma. SHE was the one that has seen everything. SHE was the one that would go out in the day to look for food or water.
Looks like our heroes have news to report….

Episode 2: Buzzard Gulch
Mike, Matt, Ryan-2 XP/ea

The boys take off the next morning after waking up from the previous night’s revel with the Get. They get to the nearest station, and Kesh persuades the ticket taker that they need to board the train and get off at Axeman’s Bridge Station. It’s about a 6 hour train ride and once at their destination, an additional 3 miles north to Buzzard Gulch. Buzzard Gulch is a ghost town. There are 6 buildings, 2 of which have collapsed roofs. Not sure when the town died but latest date on a couple of tombstones is 1825-1826. Gauntlet is 5. No scent of the Wyrm or Weaver. Upon further investigation, there are 4 ghosts wandering the town going about their business as they would have in life. Alex tries to communicate with one but it does not respond.
Alex takes a post in the graveyard tree and now they wait. The following night, a weird little creature appears on the umbral side. It looks like a hairless sloth with long limbs tipped in fused claws about a foot and a half long that it walks on and an upturned pig/bat snout that is sniffing the air. The 4 ghost see this thing and immediately scatter and hide. Alex sees it too, takes aim with his rifle, Hecate and blows thing into a mist—with some bits here and there.
Not long after, the 3 see 4 figures walking towards the town. They are just silhouettes up against the starry night sky. The sent of Wyrm is on the wind. Alex comes down from his perch to brace himself for a shot against one of these figures. BLAM!! Direct hit to the left shoulder that completely knocks the man off his feet, flipping him feet over head to land on in a heap of Wyrm flesh on the ground. Kesh and Declan split up, cross over and flank the 3 remaining men and attack. Be that the men didn’t expect to be faced with 3 werewolves, 2 were made quick prey at the hands of Kesh and Declan’s claws and Alex’s rifle and the last man disappears completely from sight. Attempting to make contact, Declan blindly swings at the man’s last known location. They spend a few rounds trying to find this last man. Then suddenly they here a boot heel kick a stump and before they have time to act, see a massive black creature leap towards the sound and a gruesome gurgle, breaking bone and ripping muscle to follow. Alex prepares to take a shot when suddenly a kid pops up from the tall grass and yells, “Don’t shoot!” Standing there is Joseph with the 4th man’s head in hand—ripped off from his body.
The boys are sure that Maggie and Swampcandy are going to give Joseph a beating when the realize he’s run off and instead of heading back, decide to wait for them.

Episode 1: First Moot
Mike, Matt, Rob, Ryan - 1XP/ea

Papa finds the newbies in town, Kesh and Alex and welcomes them into town. Papa mentions that he’s waiting for someone that is late. He gets them into touch with contacts and gives them a bit of history of How Chicago Is Now. Word/calling cards are sent out for certain guests to meet at the farmhouse and then to carry on to the Junction for the monthly sept moot. The moot was a bit late due to the delay of Papa’s grand daughter. At the farmhouse, the Heroes find that it belongs to the Get. There’s a farmhouse, gardens and an earth berm longhouse/root cellar type contruct. It’s dusk and the Get are already drinking and waiting for everyone to arrive. The Heroes, James, Orlagh, Red and the Sons of Skol all run out together in Lupus, yipping, play growling and the like. They run southwest for several miles until they come to a clearing with a fire, everyone else is there along with the usual distant glowing eyes of the rarely seen Wendigo and a new pretty face. Moot starts and Bron apologizes that they were hoping to have a easy going moot of introducing a handful of new garou, but with the much awaited arrival of Papa’s grand daughter, Swampcandy, came another issue at hand. With Swampcandy she brought a young boy about 14-16 yrs old, lean and black as the night with eyes and teeth that reflected the pale yellow moon. Swampcandy shared with the sept that she had spirited away another warrior of Gaia who needed harboring from the bounty hunters that had been on their tail the last 3 months. Joseph had murdered a Southern Lord. In his attempt to break free of the Lord’s grip, he shifted into a giant cat and killed the Lord. Now there is a large bounty on Joseph’s head, $15,000 Dead or Alive. Swampcandy’s family has a long lineage of helping the destitute and oppressed and when went sniffing around found stories of the event “suspicious.” Once she found him, convinced him to go with him and once he did, shortly after leaving Alabama, they got 4 bounty hunters that were not human on their tail. Swampcandy isn’t sure if they were following her or Joseph but the one contact she thought he would be safe with, wasn’t where they should be at this time of year. Joseph is left under Maggie and Swampcandy’s watch while Alex, Declan and Kesh try to head off the bounty hunters. Swampcandy gives a detailed description of her route and the boys are off. Buzzard Gulch is their best bet to meet them.

Werewolf and the Wild West

Welcome! This is 4 years in the making and I hope you all have fun.

First session consisted of a prelude of each character’s introduction to Chicago, whether they were born here or were from across the pond.


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